Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey

A much admired glamourous truck on show at the 2014 Contemporary Craft Fair!

I managed to flit out to look at all the lovely pieces on view, but really think the truck was my favourite.  Well maybe apart from Susie Gillespie's hand woven cushions and perhaps marcovitch shaker boxes.
The workshops went superbly!  Even though my brain was in dippy mode on Saturday so I forgot the scissors.  

The Nuno Scarf workshop - before felting

After felting -nuno felted scarves

On Friday afternoon we were making needle felted pictures using wool fibres, both carded and wooly locks, as well as silk and flax fibres, yarn and fabric.

The finished pictures looked like this...

On Saturday morning we started with a basket of pebbles...

Which we wrapped in lovely natural wool - gotland (because it is tough, easy felting and lustrous), chocolate Shetland (for the lovely rich colour), Manx Lochtan (gingery brown colour), natural flax and tussah silk fibres as well as organic cotton scrim.

Thank you Karen for the photo (my dippy brain meant I'd forgotten the camera...)

So impressed with what folks made in such a short space of time. - they only had 2 hours per workshop, so they really were just a taster.  What always amazes me is that each workshopped has exactly the same materials but makes something so exquisitely different.  Lovely!  Thank you for sharing your creativity with me.

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