Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Art - what is it?

Two weeks in the Picos De Europa is not enough - feel refreshed, inspired and uplifted.  Thank you Espana for your hospitality.  

While there we visited the Guggenheim.  Perhaps the flower power puppy (Jeff Koons) was the most joyful piece of sculpture ever made...

Then inside we came across Richard Serra's piece The Matter of Time.  Huge slabs of steel making passages, and tunnels to explore.

While the pictures are blurred I decided this was a happy accident because of the movement created, but also how young folk are more blurred because they move faster.  Which then got me thinking about how we experience sculpture in different ways, and how the experience is transitory depending on who else is there at that moment with you...

The whole day prompted discussion about art, what is it, why is political art lacking in big public spaces, what is the responsibility of the artist to the planet, sponsors, participants.  Richard Serra's work is brilliant but sponsored by a big steel manufacturing company.  Yoko Ono's retrospective was disappointing, and her pieces lacked depth.  Though perhaps the wishing tree was amusing in today's context following Brazil's defeat.

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