Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Collage works in progress

On Tuesday mornings in South Brent you can find an enthusiastic group of fibre fanciers creating amazing pictures from sheep's wool.  Here are some of the 'works in progress'.

We started by making silk paper, then different coloured pre-felts, as well as choosing yarns and fibres to include for texture.  The tricky bit is choosing a design - some chose pictorial while others opted for pattern.

We used the wet-felting technique to 'glue' the collage pictures together. Water plus soap plus the magic ingredient 'elbow grease' to create friction, et voila! the wool turns into felt.

One student chose to use the needle-felting technique to make her collage which involved stabbing the wool into a pre-felt background with a very sharp harpoon style needle.  

Looking forward to seeing the finished results next week!

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