Monday, 28 December 2015

Eggs of wool

A basket of eggs - handspun balls of wool, created from special wool.  A new passion, to spin is strangely restful, once distressed to some degree.  Guaranteed to make you swear when the thread breaks and disappears.  But once mistressed, it feels so good, the new yarn zipping from your fingers as the fibres snap into yarn.  

basket of eggs

Spinning has kept me sane over the last months.  At odd moments to distract my mind I've sat down at the spinning wheel to calmly make yarn.  And bingo my mind is calmed.  The oddest thing but it works, and then also spinning becomes addictive, and the 'what if' question arises, then the I wonder if I can... Very satisfying

homespun wool

This lustrous yarn was created from a special wool, from Lunesdale in Lancashire.  The sheep are mules bred from Swaledales and Blue Face Leicesters.  This particular sheep lives at Tunstall in the Lunesdale valley - a special place where my family live.

Swaledale Sheep at the Lunesdale Show

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