Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Yoga at Bala Brook

my yoga teacher, Jo
Ahh Bliss!  Last night our yoga class restarted after a 7 week break for mid-winter.  Our teacher is Jo Pelly who runs a weekly class at Bala Brook.  Always I sleep so well on a Monday night, tension released, fulfilled with a sense of well-being and one-ness with the cosmos.  On Tuesday morning, I feel rested, my joints oiled.

Last night we attempted this pose but mostly fell over!  And then we laughed.  So good to laugh.  Although mostly our poses were a gentle easing back into our yoga practise.  Amazingly Jo is in her 70s, but maybe not amazingly because yoga keeps the positive youthful energy flowing.

Are you looking for a yoga class?  There are a few free places - ---

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