Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Mousehole Cat

Another storm is lashing the south west of the UK.  The windows have rattled, the roof has leaked, the tarp has blown off the wood-pile BUT the roof still holds on the wood-shed.  Relief.

Further afield the railway line has been swept away near Newton Abbot, meaning the mainline to Devon and Cornwall is seriously disrupted with services replaced by buses.

One of our favourite story-books was The Mousehole Cat, where the storm-cat stops the fisher-folk from getting out to sea to catch fish.  The storms roll in day after day with no gap for fishing, until hero of the day 'Mowzer' the cat, tames the storm-cat so that Tom can go fishing again.  Then 'Star-Gazey Pie' is order of the day.


Here's a picture of the storm-cat with Mowzer, who is singing to calm the storm.  We could do with your help today, Mowzer.


Have you ever seen a show by Puppetcraft?  A most amazing group of puppeteers, hand-making puppets from wood.  Went to the puppet-show Tristan and Isolde many years ago, and was gripped by the tragedy.

Here is a picture of Tom and Mowzer the cat - would love to go see this show one day, even though my children are so grown up now.  Details of PuppetCraft's The Mousehole Cat are here.
Tom and Mowzer

Hope you are warm and dry wherever you may be...

Off to weave some more tuffets...

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