Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New Felt Making Course!

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Here is deepest darkest Devon we are having a most incredible summer with glorious sun-shine.  The light is changing towards the end of the day - sort of good for taking pictures, but they need a fair bit of doctoring to remove the shadows of me taking the picture!

In the new course for September we will be focussing on the more tricky aspects of felt-making - those ones that demand a bit more patience.  I used to be very impatient before finding the craft of making felt.

So we will look in depth at Nuno felting, that is felting onto cloth.  
Here is the Memory Cloth, a heavy nuno felted cloth which has become a cape, constructed of scraps of old cloths (wedding veil, napkins, silk shirts, wedding dresses - all old and way past mending) so preserving them for the next generation.  Made from three panels then felted together (my work table is too small).

Memory Cloth

Here is a nuno felt scrappy hat - so the scraps of fabrics were felted onto moorit (ginger brown) shetland wool, then stitched into shape.  This hat is good for windy weather because of the stretchiness of nuno felt fabric.  I love the crinkly textures that nuno felt creates, and that you can use lots of colours.    Quite impressed by the picture - managed to take it myself - should see the out-takes!

nuno felt scrappy hat
 Ahh beautiful!  Yes I'm totally biased.   Modelling the pinky silky nuno felt wrap, daughter must be laughing at one of my corny jokes...  Here the silky chiffons are felted with white 'blue face  leicester' wool, so it's very floaty.  Doctored this picture alot to splurge the background.  The fabrics were from the off-cuts basket at 'Stone Fabrics' - the best fabric shop in Britain!

pinky silky nuno wrap

We will also be looking at dry needle felting techniques for creating detailed pictures, and 3d pieces.  

The course is split into two parts - the first part will be for learning new techniques, while the second part will be for you to explore what you want to make, with lots of friendly guidance from me.

Details about the course are on the Courses page above.  Contact me by email if you need more information about course content - there's a contact form at the top of the blog.  For information about booking please contact MyDevon 0845 155 1014 or pop into the Mansion in Totnes.

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  1. Hey AnnaB :~)

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have not been to Devon since the 80's!! It's pretty wild there too though isn't it?

    John Knapp Fisher..yes. I love his paintings of Welsh cottages...he really gets the feel of them, with that darkness. We see his son, (also Buzz), occasionally, and have long conversations. He is a most interesting person....very concerned with environment issues, and quite eccentric!

    Your hat is cool :~)))