Thursday, 1 August 2013

Sheep fancying

my idea of heaven is visiting a show (Totnes and District Show) to look at sheep

Sheep fancying

grey face dartmoor

hot and fed up ram

 Had a lovely time chatting to this sheep breeder - talking weather, prices, quality of wool, shearing times etc.  Their fleece would make very good rugs - will try a peg loomed version next spring.  They look like shaggy dogs.

Alot of this going on - very competitive.

sheap shearing competitions

The Wensleydale sheep is on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust watchlist - it has very long ringlets, about 30cm, but this one had been shorn.  Love the bluish colour of its nose.  Beautiful.


Cute! This could be a Devon Longwool or a Whiteface Dartmoor - too busy concentrating on taking the photo rather than listening to the show steward.


Made some good contacts for sourcing locally grown fleece for next spring and checked out the new Craft Marquee - lovely big space, and my favourite basket maker was there - Hilary Burns.

So if you fancy a spot of sheep fancying there are lots of shows coming up over the summer - Lunesdale show up in Lancashire or Kingsbridge down in Devon, or there's even the Widdicombe Fair to name a few.  Send me your sheep pictures and I'll post up in the gallery.

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