Wednesday, 16 May 2012

a la India

Inspired by India Flint, 'a whorld wanderer', I decided to have a go at making a dress in her zero wastage method!  Here's some pix of the work in progress.
I used India's pattern from her blog 'the prophet of bloom'

Here's pocket detail which is the bit cut out for the neck.


and here's the dress - only tacked together so far.  Has potential, nice and comfy for working in.  The idea is to use this for a tester as it was an old sheet. Then work out how to make it out of a very lovely piece of silk from my fabric chest, which could then be dyed in 'India's' method of not using chemical/synthetic adjuncts.  might be a while before the finished item appears here..

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  1. i love seeing the different ways in which patterns can be interpreted!