Tuesday, 4 March 2014

bread experiments

a bread post - a post about dough.  Have been experimenting and learning to make bread on and off over the years.  Here are some pictures of the latest results.  Had a lot of help from Dan Leppard's book the handmade loaf.  So far only success has been with leaven from strong white flour.  The spelt experiment coincided with the wood-fired beastie having a rest (had to rod out the chimney).  Long suffering family have put up with my experiments but still prefer shop-bought bread - don't blame them.  Most rock hard loaves have ended up as chook breakfast - they'll eat pretty much anything (though not keen on rotten onions).


added this to the leaven

to stop the dough sticking while proving

to stop the dough from sticking while proving

cooking bread slowly in earthenware in the beastie

trusty tin

wood fired beastie

leaven overflowing

a sourdough loaf from the earthenware pot - this tasted like proper bread

leaven revived

leaven rivived with strong white not spelt

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