Monday, 8 July 2013

summer's here

in deepest darkest Devon summer has arrived.  It is hot.  Glorious.  The roses and honeysuckle blooming, and scenting the air - divine.  All the windows are open.  The rambling roses up the wall are abuzz with the business of bees.

Here is a picture of a nuno felt panel that I have been helping the children at my local school to make.  There will be 10 panels altogether.  This one is of bees!


Exactly a year ago our river was flooding - roads ripped up, emergency phone calls in the middle of the night.  A picture from the little old bridge - the water had reached the top of the arch.

7 July 2012 Flood

Extraordinary - the forecasters say we'll have a week of sun... I'd like to play hookey - take the children camping, live outside, return to the wilds - make the most of it - swimming in wild places, lying under trees looking at the canopy, waking at dawn with the birds in the cool of the day.

Good for solar dyeing too - must get those bundles bundled!

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