Sunday, 2 June 2013

Wool Washing

Glorious weather for washing wool! Gentle breeze to dry the locks.

blue face leicester from East Prawle

This took alot of washing - the sheep must've rolled in a mud bath or similar.  But once rinsed it turned out so soft and white.  This will felt well, and fast.  So glad to have found a good supply of this gorgeous fleece.

moorit shetland from near Keswick

Great colour - gingery with bleached tips.  Quality good too - some a bit cotted (felted on the sheep) so will need a good bit of teasing out the fibres before carding.  

Will be using these fleeces at the Rustic Wooly Day at Growers Organics, click here for details.  Places still available.  We'll be spinning, peg looming, felting and enjoying a fibre filled day.  

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