Monday, 17 June 2013

lichen broth

before the drizzle returned to deepest darkest Devon there was a brief summer - al fresco eating, living outside, bare footed, planting.

And heat for the cauldron full of dyeing experiments.

one of the results - I had brewed a windfall-lichen broth, clamped some silk, and hey presto lovely patterns.  Leaf eco-prints are yet to be...  I like these repeating patterns and strange alchemy going on between the clamps and broth.

Cauldron lid - impromptu slate - did the job kind of.  didn't boil but there was steam - - -

straight out of the cauldron after cooling down over night, the clamp removed and patterns revealed.  The petals are from calendula from last summer, that had been brewing in a jar over the winter - kept their colour all that time.

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