Thursday, 14 February 2013


I got side-tracked by this Nine Patch Sampler, inspired by the India Flint workshop I went on last summer.
Nine Patch

I have stitched, and stitched.
Cross Currents

...and stitched,  and stitched...
Inspired by the inordinate amount of rain that has fallen in the last Nine months, the floods, the reworked rivers, the stormy seas, the beaches stripped bare of sand - the forces of nature.

The more I stitch, the more I stitch... It keeps my hands diverted from bad habits, keeps my hands busy, keeps me company, allows me to daydream.

Learnt about the work of Dorothy Caldwell, a Canadian artist and stitcher.  And discovered the work of  Jude Hill and Roz.
A revelation.  Stitching, kind of quilting without seams, creating new shapes and textures free style as the thread takes you.


India gave us each a present - silk thread dyed with Goldenrod, reminding me of the colours of the riverbank.

River Bank
 And so another picture and words surfaced, reminding me of my friend's work -'River is the Plural of Rain' - an inspiration in realising creativity on her own terms.


 And a mountain appeared, or perhaps a nipple.

I wonder, do you get sidetracked, and by what?