Saturday, 26 January 2013

mark making creating nuno felt

nuno felt

Yippee yey ha!  The class will go ahead on Thursday 31st January - see details under the workshops page.  There are enough participants for the class to run.  So now we'll be able to have some fun learning to make felt.

The thing is... when I'm running a class I get to learn so much from the amazing people who come to class, I get to see new ways of creating.  Really looking forward to Thursday evenings now.

River Nuno Felt

we might start with some mark making.... or doodling to loosen up

water, rain, rivers... making marks
we'll make samples to see the effect of adding yarn, silk paper, fibres, and finding out how to make soft felt.

silk paper and fibres on merino fleece

See you then!

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