Friday, 6 July 2012

Busy Creating

Slowly getting the hang of getting photos up onto the blog.  Managed to do it all wrong earlier in the week - the technophobe-dinosaur is slowly learning new tricks.  Here are pix from felt-making workshops - this first one was from last summer but put up here for Theresa who came along on Wednesday to the workshop at Newton Abbot.

Flower Felt Corsages
We wrapped sponge shapes with fleece, and then wet felted them to make 3D felt.  Different sizes, shapes and fibres used.

Felt pots, bowls and a purse

Sheila brought along a picture of a landscape which she interpreted in felt - she made soft felt first, which she cut into strips, and wove these placing them on a white background.  This workshop was at Growers Organics in Yealmpton where they are using a specially kitted out polytunnel for crafty workshops - they've also got a composting loo, chickens, veggie garden, and organic plants.

Woven landscape

Here is a picture of silk paper made by Alison at another of the workshops in Newton Abbot, at the new Passmore Edwards Centre (its amazing - worth visiting just to admire a newly refurbished public building with a large collection of information about railways and trains.
Silk paper is so easy to make, and then it can be used in other projects - stitching, book making, felt-making.....
Alison's silk paper - hope you don't mind me using the pics, I forgot to take any!


  1. Ooh famous and I didn't even know it! Only too happy for you to use the pictures :) Thanks for the link to my blog!

  2. glad you found them in the end!